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La Band ha all’attivo quattro dischi ("Tradizionale" 1998, "One More" 2001, "The Blue Bottle" 2004, e "Rebound" 2006).

(2006) Rebound


  • Jigs: The Road to Ballinakill, The Fairhaired Boy, Humors of Derrycrossane
  • Reels: Stone in the Field, Skylark, Rolling in the Reygrass
  • Song: Blackwater Side
  • Jigs: Old Tipperary, Donegal Lancers, The Rebound’s jig (L. Crespi)
  • Air: The Great Snowy Mountain (L. Crespi)
  • Reels, Slip Jig: The Old Bush, A Rainy Day, Up in the Garret
  • Song: All I Want (Joni Mitchell)
  • Reels: The Duke of Leinster, Return of the Master, The Boys of Portaferry
  • Jigs: Brid Harper’s Jig, Kilfenora Jig, Trip to Athlon
  • Song, March: The Flower of Magherally, Jutland (Tony O’Sullivan)
  • Jigs: Gan Ainm, Tommy Peoples’, Ha’ Penny Bridge (Aoife Mc Cormac)
  • Song: She’s Like the Swallow
  • Reels: Laureel Tree, Billy Brocker’s, Philys’ Birthday

(2004) The Blue Bottle

(2001) One More


(1998) Tradizionale

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